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It was a surprisingly quiet day for a Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The gate was open for Chris Reed’s wedding, shortening our commute time. The weather was cool and windy, with some beautiful lenticular clouds all day. High temps outside were never much above 50F with peak gusts over 30 mph, The temps inside of the lookout were comfortable.

No fires spotted, and the only one of note was a restart of the King City fire on an island in the Salinas River. Radio traffic overall was light. Traffic on CVR and Hwy 1 was also surprisingly light both directions.

We had three visitors – a person up looking for pigs to hunt and two friends of Martha’s.

Our main chore for the day was to remove the dead oak branches from the grove between the lookout and privy. The dead oak was surprisingly hard to saw with our Silky saw.

Nancy (#2) and Mike (#36)