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Shift report for June 9, 2022.
Outlooks 31 and 26 {Betsy and Ron}
*In the morning, the Forest Road gate was dummy locked and when we arrived at the Outlook there were two unoccupied Forest Service Law Enforcement and one IERC [Integral Ecology Research Center] trucks parked in our driveway. Didn’t find out until later what was going on.
*brought up a new flyswatter. Good luck- they are fast!
*disposed of a mouse that was caught in a trap on the walkway.
*it was a beautiful day, mid 70’s and bees, butterflies and hummingbirds were enjoying the Scarlet Bugler and Deerbrush flowers in full bloom.
*as we were cleaning up to depart, the occupants of the trucks came walking up the road. Philip [LEO from Ojai/LA], two IERC personnel and a local LEO [Dan?] . They had been hiking off trail in the Miller Canyon area all day to work on clearing abandoned grow sites. The IERC personnel were ok’d to camp outside the Outlook. They may be there in the morning. For the next lookout– I got distracted with all the excitement and forgot to add up the afternoon visitors [nobody except these 4] , so i’m not sure if these people count as visitors or not but in any case, they were the only people who came up to the lookout today.