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Lookouts 10 and 11
What started out as a beautiful and somewhat uneventful morning, turned into an exciting afternoon. About 14:36 we received radio communication from LPNF asking if we could see smoke to the north of the tower. There had been reports of a fire at White Oaks campground. We couldn’t see or smell smoke at that time. Listening to the radio chatter we were hearing of a fire in or near White Oaks campground. Soon after the planes started circling and we could see hazy smoke drifting towards the east. From the tower, we could never see a plum of smoke.
The fire was just a little north of the campground in Anastasia Canyon.
We spoke with LPNF and said we thought we should go out of service and leave, they agreed. We also spoke with Brendan Kelly and took the Osborne and dropped it off at his home.
On the way down there was a lot of equipment coming up, trucks, hand crews, dozers, etc. A FF from Chachagua said we were doing the right thing. We didn’t want to be trapped or be in the way.
Our apologies for leaving the tower so quickly. We didn’t have a chance to sweep or wipe things down.
Dan and Nadine Clark