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(6/21/2022) by lookout-59
David Dreyer (#59) on 6/21/2021. Captain Quinton with firefighters Frank and Angel with the Chumash Fire Dept. on Fire Engine E-801came by at 0942. I gave Captain Quinton a tour of the tower. They said that they would be here for one more day monitoring the scene of the fire before heading back to southern Calif.
Jess Mason lookout #42 came by at 1002 hours to make some modifications to the flag pole and shutters.
Later at 1250 hours a visitor Dylan who had rode his bike from down town Monterey. He said that it took him 3.5 hours to get to get to here. He had lunch at our picknick table and then was heading back to Monterey.
Lots of wildflowers and hummingbirds around the tower, it was a beautiful day.