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David Dreyer (#59) on 6/22/2021
In tower at 0800.
0935 in service via radio
Visitors total for the day = 3

1415 Patrol 18 Steven Dean came by to look at the Carmel fire sight.
Steve also said that southern Calif. Had over 100 lightning strikes today.

Time: 1450 Hours, vegetation fire reported at Grandmas Flats near the intersection of Arroyo Seco Road and Carmel Valley Road. That is 100˚ and 10 miles from Chews Ridge Lookout Tower using the Osborne Fire Finder. Could not see any smoke from Chews ridge. Arroyo Seco Fire Engine 319 responded but no fire found.

1510 clouds came in from the south and we looked for any signs of lightning
Steven Dean Patrol 18, left at 1625 Hours

1749 called in out of service via radio
Time out of tower 1800

Later that evening from Carmel Valley I spotted lightning strikes.