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Lois Van Buren – #45 for June 26
Dennis King #24 and #45 for June 27

June 26, Sunday
78 degrees at 8am rising to 84 in the afternoon. Breeze made it pleasantly bearable. Clear Skies but for typical marine layer and valley haze. Night sky was awesome.
2 visitors – Jeff and Chuck – from the Forest Service along with Ham radio operators who were packing up from their 24-hour stay.
Saw Steve Dean, Patrol #18, on the drive up. We discussed the state of the pit toilet. He is working on getting funding for a much needed pump-out.
The Ham radio fellows informed me that there is a new caretaked at MIRA. I locked up for a 1/2 hour to drive over there and meet him. Nice chat. His name is Steve Gabel. His cell # is 936-200-1530. We discussed the gate and the locking of it. He would like to meet as many of us as he can.

June 27, Monday
Relatively uneventful day for Dennis and Lois. The most entertainment we had were the dust devils that created mini tornedoes and a bicyclist who turned out to be known to Lois. Weather identical to Sunday.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Van Buren #45