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Lookouts 1 and 23 in tower on 28 and 29 June 2022

Morning roundup at 9:37 am each day.
Radios working best on Tone 8 (channel 9 on Kenwoods)
No smoke reports
Clear conditions other than marine layer over bay and in valleys in am
Temperature in the high 70s during the day – somewhat cooler in evenings
Periods of gusty westerly winds

Steve Gabel, new caretake at MIRA came by and toured tower; he is happy to provide shelter in emergency. We also told him that we would call his cell (936-200-1530) and inform him of smoke or fire after reporting to LPNF. He appreciated that as he notes that he does not have as good a view as the tower.

Russel Kennedy with Tassajara Zen Center also came by. We also told Russel that we would call his cell (907-314-2191) after reporting smoke or fire to LPNF. They are extremely appreciative.

Names and numbers for both of the above on smoke report worksheet clipboard and in Hot Sheets binder in cab.

Cab low on blank Daily Log sheets. We will work with Nancy to get more up there.