User Submitted Post

Went up to Chews to do maintenance. David Dreyer was doing the scheduled shift. David also brought up a replacement American flag.
The PSTS truck arrived and pumped out the pit toilet. We discovered that the tank held around 300 gallons. Finished installing the new flag pole holder. Steve Dean also came up to Chews during the pump out.
The new larger mattress is working fine. The smaller mattress is now not needed. I emailed Wendy and she said anyone that wants it can take it (dog bed, etc.) Wendy has a shift on the 31st and will take it if it’s still there.
Steve Dean put a USFS lock on the new weather station. The lock that was brought up can be picked up. I’ll try and email the person that brought it up to see if he wants to pick it up on a future shift.
Left around mid day leaving David to complete his shift.