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Saturday, July 30 – Lookouts 35 & 52 observed very humid weather – temp constant at 83-85 degrees. Very still in the morning w/no breeze. Afternoon winds 3-5 mph from N/W then shifted to S/W. Morning roll call at 0935; Resource report at 1045. No weather report. 1630 report possible t-storms tonight. Wendy meeting us to exchange keys as she’s doing overnight. 6 visitors. AED had been moved from central station to white cabinet in SW corner of the cab. Put up post-its saying where it is now. Brought up a screen to add to the cab door – which Brandon says is ok – but we’re checking with facilities.
Baby rattle snake at bottom of the stairs – under the anchors (stone cages) at the radio relay station. Bottom of photo on the left. He disappeared for a while, but then came back.