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Lookout 28 (Robin Dickson) E. Carmel Valley Road was closed this morning due to a downed power line. When I arrived in a line of vehicles, I was told it might be noon or later until the road reopened. So I turned around and drove over to River Road, Greenfield and Arroyo Seco Road to arrive at Jamesburg from the south. I got to the tower just after 10:00 and radioed in.
I did not hear or see hunters all day, but I could see there had been activity around the (unstaffed) tower at the weekend because of the garbage lying around. I bagged some water bottles, used cups and other trash and also washed down the picnic table which had some sticky residue on it. I posted four “No Hunting” signs on the access road.
Otherwise, it was a quiet day with a couple of faraway vegetation fires, but no visitors or other activity.
CV Road opened up fully at 15:00 so I was able to get home by the direct route.