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Lookouts #1 and 23 were on shift on 23 and 24 August 2022. Weather both days was nice, clear skies, afternoon temperatures in the mid 80’s but somewhat ameliorated by light breezes.

A pair of hunters were descending from the ridge as we were unlocking the gate on the morning of the 23rd. They were friendly; one remembered us helping them get a pig down the hill in 2019. No other hunters seen, although we did hear distant shooting a few times. No other visitors either day.

Padlocks on chain securing the hatch at top of stairs to the tower had been incorrectly applied when we arrived. The combination lock held the two ends of the chain together, but the keyed lock was only attached to the combination lock and nothing else. Fortunately, we remembered the combination and were able to open. Please, please study the situation. Think of each lock attached to different ends of the chain and to one another. In other words, they each act like links in the chain. That allows opening either lock to open tower. That redundancy is important. Thanks.

Radio working well. No problems communicating with LP on channel 9 (ForestNet, Tone 8).

Cab seems to be fully stocked, but we seem to be down to 3 Daily Log and Diary sheets. Nancy had brought up enough to to last the season, I thought. Maybe somebody knows where more might be stashed?

No smokes sighted. The usual emergency responses on the radio.