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Sunday evening May 15, 2022 and shift report for Monday May 16, 2022:

We went up to the lookout the night before to view and photograph the total lunar eclipse. Three visitors from Carmel Valley hiked up the road to view the eclipse. We did our best to recruit them to be new lookouts.

Occasional clouds and haze somewhat obscured the eclipse, and a stunning sunset to the west completed for our attention. It was a windy evening, and by 10:30 pm we were ready to escape to the shelter of the lookout. Winds howled overnight, peaking (at MIRA) with steady winds to 20 mph with gust to 30 mph (right when Mike went out to photograph the planetary alignment to the east).

Lookout shift the next day was uneventful. The radio communications on Forest Net Tone 10 were not good between stations and LP Comm Center. We were able to hear and respond to the morning lineup. LPNF worked on Tone 10 comms throughout the day, and at one point called CRLO to check reception and static levels.

We could not reach LPCC to go out of service, so I called dispatch from the looking using my cell phone to go out of service. Ben@LPCC appreciated getting the direct phone call.

Nancy #2 and Mike #36