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A windy day at the Lookout– which kept it cool. No smoke spotted. No gunshots heard. In the morning we got a phone call from Dave Johnson, Forest Service in Carpinteria, to let us know he was coming later in the day to take a look at the antenna and the radio systems. He and his assistant, Carlos, arrived about 1630 and replaced the ADMIN-NET Repeater Box [located in the silver radio building at the foot of the Lookout] which was malfunctioning. Carlos also reset the wattage output. Dave has worked for the Forest Service for 31 years and thinks our Cab looks great! He also mentioned that he has the original “fire finder” from Cone Peak in his workshop. The Cone Peak Lookout houses the Forest Service Radio equipment and he was helicoptered in recently to check on things. He said the road to Cone Peak is very rough and even after the road ends, the trail to the lookout is at least 2 miles and gets steeper as the journey progresses. Submitted by: Betsy [Lookout #31] and Ron [Lookout #26].