User Submitted Post

On my drive to the tower there were lots of cars along the road once I hit the forest boundary, while I was opening the gate I heard gun shots that sounded like .22 rifles so I assume they were squirrel hunters, none visited the tower. I did a refresher training for Scott Carlton and a full first time training for Jon Ramsey, Jon will be an asset to operations because he has hiked almost all of the Ventana Wilderness in his youth and he has an above average knowledge on the area.
Steve Dean stopped by the tower for an hour and I told him that I noticed that someone had cut the fence across the road from the CRLO gate. Next time I’m up there I’ll bring my fence tools and I’ll try to repair the fence. Steve said he stopped at White Oaks camp which was full and said that all the hunters were squirrel hunters.
No smokes or visitors today.
I don’t think it is necessary to place a note on the radios that they were charged, I think everyone charges the radios while at the tower and the notes just waste paper and add to the land fill. I suggest that we just write in the log that the radios were charged. Just thought I’d throw this suggestion out there, what do you think?