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9/25 Beautiful day, a little hazy, with a slight breeze. I neglected to fill this out yesterday! Carolyn H Lookout #35 and I split the day overlapping from 12-2. Mira had a star gazing party the night before with an open house the 25th, gate left open at 1350 by Mira. A gentleman named Glen stopped by approx. 1420. I did not ask him up as he was somewhat disheveled and a little “off”. He said that he wanted to spend the night up there to star watch stars and could I leave gate open. I referred him to Mira. He came back and said they referred him to me. I told him that I could not leave gate open as I was just a volunteer and instructed to lock gate. I said he could park just outside the gate on others side of road. I had 2 more visitors, one from Tassajara, and one an assistant from Mira, they both mentioned Glen and said that last year he was asked to leave the mountain, that he had made one of the lookouts uncomfortable. The gal from Mira closed the gate on her way out around 1700, not knowing if Glen was still around, I locked up myself and went out of service at 1720.

Any mention of Glen last year?