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Sunday, October 23 – Katherin Jenkins and Lois Van Buren
Clear but cold: 52 in the AM / 49 PM. (Lois’ OVN was at 38 degrees with wind gusts to 25mph!) We kept ourselves busy practicing our lookout skills and puzzling on what we don’t know much about. With Katherine’s perseverence, we learned how to decipher that Chews Ridge is located Northeast Section 6 / Towhship 19 / Range 4 East. It only took us half the day. Steve Dean dropped by and helped. Otherwise, it may have taken all day. He also helped us with the propane camp stove which appeared to be leaking. A flame coming out of the right burner’s front knob was our biggest clue. Steve suggested we dump the stove. We said goodbye to him and wished him a happy retirement.