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To All

The FFLA website does not seem to be working to post a shift report. I’ll send this email and hope that Chris will post this in the shift report when he gets the website back up.

The road up was in pretty good shape. Shortly after crossing the cattle guard at the forest boundary we found a tree down blocking half the road. We reported it to dispatch. The tree was still there when we left at the end of the day.

The gate was locked and the tower secure. Went into service at the morning line-up around 0930

We brought up more AA batteries.

At the lookout the broken wire on the Osborne was fixed. Several floor tiles were replaced. The picnic table was given a coat of wood preservative. A cigarette lighter plug was added to the charging system. The exterior thermometer was remounted.

The two radios were charged and then turned on for the entire shift. The batteries lasted all day. The radios were then charged for the next shift before we left.

The bed was still out from the previous shift. When we left at the end of the day, we stored the bed against the wall to give the next shift the added floor space.

Items that are needed for the lookout are: 2-3 rolls of paper towels, a flat of water and some 13 gallon trash bags for the waste paper basket.

Several items were removed from the lookout. The metal frame cot does not seem to get use so it was removed. The folding beach chair also does not seem to get used so it was removed. The small wood stool was also removed because it does not seem to get use. The items will be stored for a short while in the barn in case someone wants them back. After that they will go to Goodwill.