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Saturday November 6, 2022. Last Chews Lookout shift of the season.

Our newest volunteer Steve Prather (#19) trained today. The weather was not very cooperative for Osborne work as much of the forest was obscured by clouds. The tops of the clouds were around 4800′, hiding most of the Ventana Wilderness to the west. At one point, the clouds/fog were drifting over the ridge just below the lookout. Inside temps 58F, outside temps 48F with winds gusting up to 20 mph.

After Steve left early afternoon, the weather became even worse with visibility 100 yards or less with cloud condensation dripping off the metal parts of the lookout. We started securing the lookout, and closing the shutters and went out of service just before 1700. We dropped the daily log sheets off with Brendan.

Nancy Baker #2, Mike Smelser #36