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Started up the road from Jamesburg. Noticed road equipment at Jamesburg beginning to work on Tassajara Rd.
Went to the lookout. The road was in poor shape but didn’t need 4WD. There was no snow on the road. The gate was locked and the tower secure.
There was a small amount of ice at the lookout from last nights rain. The ceiling was dripping inside the lookout. Noticed a small piece of ceiling had dropped. We took the remaining section of sheet rock down, leaving a 4’x4′ section that needs to be rocked. Screwed the sections of sheet rock that had sagged back up. Was unable to do anything further with the sheet rock because the sheet rock was wet and soft.
Opened up a some of the window trim to measure the size of replacement window glass needed. Obtained measurements for four of the broken windows to order replacement glass.
Went to the pit toilet and salvaged the two sheets of painted plywood. Dug new holes and installed four new corner posts. The two existing sheets of plywood were re-attached. A third piece of plywood will be brought up and added to the structure creating more privacy.
Upon leaving the ridge we found that the road had been repaired all the way from Jamesburg to White Oak Camp. Spoke with the road crew and learned that they were working all the way to Tassajara because Tassajara is planning on opening for the season. By tomorrow the road should be in great shape for any vehicle all the way to the gate.

Lookout #61 Tom Hagn
Lookout #42 Jess Mason