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Very uneventful day. Arrived at 0015 and slept in the cab. The new bed is definitely more stable and keeps you below the windows to minimize wind noise at night. Taped over the lights from the new solar controller, as they are very bright at night.

Forgot to take a picture of the paper shift report, so I will go by memory. Light breeze in the AM with temps in the low 60s. Gusty in the PM which shifted to a constant wind at about 15-20 mph as the sun went down. Beautiful sunset. Left the cab at ~2045.

No visitors, no gunshots, no snakes, no non-standard radio communications. A white, late-90s X-tra Cab Ford Ranger pick-up drove to MIRA late afternoon and hadn’t left before I did. Didn’t see anyone parked by the gate while coming or going. Stopped at White Oak on my way home and no one was there.

Called in-service via radio at ~0945, called out-of-service on radio at ~1800. Had a bit of trouble on Forest Net Tone 10. Tried on Admin Net Tone 10 and Forest Net Tone 8. Ultimately was able to communicate on Forest Net Tone 10, but it was very scratchy. I brought my Baofeng radio to listen and it was receiving much clearer than the Kenwood on both Forest Net Tone 10 and Monterey County Fire on Toro Peak.