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Today the lookout was restocked and opened for the season. A crew consisting of:
Steve Benoit
Lois Van Buren
Martha Karstens
Tom Hagn
Jess Mason
Worked to restock the items in the lookout for the upcoming season. Thanks to all that helped today.

Tassajara Road was in good condition. The lookout was secure. The shutters were opened and new rope installed on the shutters. The screen door is stored for the season along with some shutters and the extension ladder. The flagpole was reinstalled.

Some of the items in the lookout are not in their usual place. The south side of the ceiling still leaks so some of the items have been moved to the north side of the lookout to avoid any leaks and other items were put in the cabinets. The cabinets and Osborne are covered with plastic. We would ask that for the remainder of this month the plastic covering be used if no one is in the lookout. By June we should be past the rainy season and the plastic can probably be removed. The ceiling sheet rock will then be repaired.

No TP was left at the pit toilet. There is a small plastic tub with TP that can be utilized when the tower is occupied and then brought back into the lookout at the end of the day.

The radios, clamshell and radio charger base are in the safe. Again, bring these items out only during the shift and return them at the end of the day. Where we normally leave the radio charger is right where the roof leaks. Any water leak will damage the charger. A spare battery was also put in the safe. A new battery was put in the safe door.

The road from the gate to the lookout is still a challenge but with care any auto should be able to make it to the lookout.

Spoke with LP dispatch last week and confirmed that Tone 8 (Cone Peak) is still down. Tried a radio check with LP on Tone 10 (Chews) but did not get a response. Benoit was down the road and said we were getting out on the radio.