User Submitted Post

Arrived the night before and camped near the tower. Cleaned the windows and organized some of the items in the cab in preparation for the new season. I sorted out all the topo maps and put them in their respective trays. There are two good CalFire/CDF maps that were very detailed and they were placed on the top of the topos on tray #1. There was a few duplicate copies of CDF maps and these were placed inside an empty cabinet on the south wall along with some non-essential maps.

We brought a rake and an leaf blower and we cleared out the leaves and twigs around the pit toilet.

Los Padres dispatch came in loud and clear on Tone 10. Tone 8 (Cone Peak repeater) seems to be out of service.

We noticed a new book in the cab library that was written by one of our lookouts. Be sure to read it when you are there.

Ron Ross L33
Mary Hubbell L16